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Blood Pressure Check

Take advantage of a free blood pressure check administered by one of our trained Pharmacists.

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Contraception Service

Experience hassle-free access to oral contraception with no Doctor's prescription needed.

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Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Our clinic offers discreet and compassionate care to individuals seeking emergency contraception.

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Flu Vaccinations

Get your Flu vaccination at Rainbow Pharmacy, this service is available to both NHS and private patients.

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New Medicine Services

Access free expert advice and support from our Pharmacist when you're prescribed a new medication by your GP.

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Pharmacy First

Free consultation and treatment from our trained Pharmacists for seven common conditions.

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Repeat Prescriptions

Easily track and order your repeat prescriptions with our user-friendly bespoke Pharmacy app.

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Return of unwanted medication

Bring your unwanted medication back to Rainbow Pharmacy to be destroyed in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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Travel Clinic

Travelling abroad? Book a private, personalised consultation and protect yourself with the correct vaccinations.

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